The Radiology Department is a highly specialised department carrying out 220,000 examinations and treatments every year.
The department receives patients from the emergency reception and from different wards.
Patients are referred for examination of all parts of the musculoskeletal system, severe scoliosis and pulmonary examinations.
Most patients are walking and self-reliant but several have mobility problems or are otherwise walking-impaired and need to sit down and have support during the examination.

What the radiographer says about the VELA Thorax Chair

The chair moves quickly around the room and is easily placed by the different X-ray equipment, while the patient can easily be moved and rotated in the chair.

The central brake is really good. It is easily and instantly activated with the foot pedal on the back of the chair. The chair stands completely still and stable when the brake is activated. It provides peace of mind and stability for both the patient and the staff.

The seat’s electrical height adjustment is easily and quickly adjusted with regard to position and equipment, by means of the switch under the armrest.

The patient is comfortable and stable because the chair has an ergonomic padded seat, a small adjustable backrest that supports the body and height adjustable armrests. Even patients with scoliosis are able to sit in the chair during examinations, with the support of the staff if necessary.

With the small backrest set in the lowest position, it is possible to perform an examination of the lungs even when the patient needs to sit down. The armrests can easily be adjusted so low that you can see the entire body.


Place: Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark

Department: Radiology

Radiographer: Elsebeth Hergaard


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