Vickie Sanderson; Specialist Radiographer & Lead Mammographer

We just all love the chair here at the department. It is so easy to manoeuvre and really helps us overcome the huge patient flow of many different patients

We occasionally also use the chair for shorter transfers e.g., bringing the patient from the waiting room to the examination

We are looking into the possibility of getting a chair in each of our other examination rooms because the need to handle elderly and larger patients is getting more and more of an issue for the staff

The flexibility of the VELA Mammography chair means we are able to examine both larger and smaller patients whilst ensuring the correct working posture

The chair contributes to handling heavy, elderly or disabled patients faster and safer than without

We feel the patients who use the chair for examinations are more comfortable and relaxed in what can be an uncomfortable and stressful situation


Place: Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, UK

Department: Breast Screening Unit

Reference: Vickie Sanderson; Specialist Radiographer & Lead Mammographer


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