At the TGH Imaging Powered by Tower clinic in Tampa, Florida, Erin L. and her colleagues had difficulties obtaining correct breast tissue images from patients who needed to sit in a chair. Unfortunately, these were some of their daily challenges:

– the old chair did not fit underneath their brand-new imaging equipment (MBI)

– the old chair did not lock into place, and patients had to hold onto the equipment to stabilise themselves

– scans were poor and fuzzy

– only alternative option was to let patients stand for up to 10 minutes

Seated mammography

Here is how the VELA Mammography Chair and seated mammography improved conditions for patients and healthcare professionals at the TGH Imaging Powered by Tower:

The chair raises and lowers via remote control so the patient can sit safely and comfortably at various heights during the exam. In addition, the chair’s armrests are easily adjusted and can be completely folded away for the chair to fit under the scanning equipment.

Erin L. from TGH Imaging, Tampa, Florida about the chair:

According to Erin L. from TGH Imaging Powered by Tower, the chair securely locks into place, so it does not migrate away from her or her colleagues. The patient sits comfortably and stable without holding on to the device.


Clinic: TGH Imaging Powered by Tower

Place: Tampa, Florida

Reference: Erin L.


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