Daily challenges in a mammography department:

Moving the patient to the machine for examination.

Positioning the patient properly in relation to the machine.

Keeping the patient steady while the mammography is being performed.

It is crucial to the effectiveness of the examination that the breast is positioned accurately so that the images show the desired tissue.

A VELA Mammography Chair helps to keep the patient completely steady during the examination.

What the radiographer says about the VELA Mammography Chair for patients

The Mammography Chair saves time with the patient because it can be made ready before the patient enters. The chair can be easily and quickly moved and placed by the machine with the help of the handlebar.

The patient sits comfortably and in a stable position because the chair has an ergonomic seat and back, which is heavily padded.

The seat height can be easily adjusted using electric controls so the patient is correctly positioned in relation to the machine. The high back supports the patient in the desired forward-leaning position necessary for mammography.

The chair is fixed in place using the brake, which ensures the patient is sitting comfortably and completely still during the examination. The large wheels and central brake provide maximum safety and stability for both patient and radiographer.

The armrest of the chair can be used by the patient to get into and up from the chair. It speeds up the process and means that we, the staff, do not overstrain ourselves by assisting with the many daily transfers.


Place: Sydvestjysk hospital

Department: Mammography department

About: The Mammography Department is part of the Department of Radiology at the Hospital of South West Jutland. Patients are referred by GPs or through screening programs for mammography and breast biopsy. Patients are walking-impaired, wheelchair users or have other problems that require them to sit down during examinations.


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