Daily challenges in intensive care:

Pain in the lower back and tension in the neck caused by inappropriate stooping work postures.

Getting closer to the patient without compromising your working position.

Maintaining the lumbar support in different working positions.

Changing the working height during examinations.

The work in intensive care is precision work. Static working positions with stooped back are common as well as twisting the back and neck when reaching.

A VELA standing support chair provides support at the correct working height and support to the back and lumbar area.

What the doctor says about the VELA Samba 120 standing support chair

The height adjustment allows me to work standing up at an intubation or sitting when placing a pleural drain, for example.

The chair provides support and relief of the neck and lumbar area when I need to bend over the patient.

Since I got the Samba 120 standing support chair, I’ve had less back pain. Now I just set the chair to the appropriate height.

I no longer have sciatica pain, and I can complete most procedures without getting a stiff lower back.

It also allows you to get close to the task at hand.

For my administrative work, I use a VELA Latin office chair, which is nice to sit in and easy to adjust to a suitable position.


Place: Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Department: Intensive care

Doctor: John Wagner Engsig

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