In 2007, the VELA Dental Chair was developed in collaboration with Herluf Skovsgaard. The chair is particularly suitable for dentists and assistants who work in forward-leaning, static and demanding postures as part of their daily work.
In addition to working in his clinic, developing clinic equipment and developing workstations, Herluf Skovsgaard offers comprehensive course activities all over the world.
As part of this, he educates dentists and assistants on working methods and clinic arrangements.

What the dentist says about VELA Dental Chair

The elegant and narrow, ergonomically curved backrest does not restrict my mobility in my arms and shoulders.

The short seat gives me a good support surface as it is built with different types of foam and a rounded front edge.

For breaks and patient conversations where I do not need to lean forward, I can lean back and relax with support from the narrow backrest.

The chair ensures a healthy back, especially when the assistant and I have to lean forward when we look down into the patient’s mouth to work.

The back is in balance, the lumbar arch is preserved when I lean forward, I avoid rounding my back, the cartilage discs in the spine are uniformly stressed, and the thighs slant downwards, which prevents discomfort in my back.

The chair allows for two different seating positions: a good forward-leaning position and a more relaxed position.

The sit bones, which carry the body’s weight in the seated position, are supported horizontally, so I don’t slide forward. By tilting the seat a few degrees forward, I am sitting comfortably with slanting thighs and the back in balance.


Place: Dentist Skovsgaard, Assentoft, Randers, Denmark

Dentist: Herluf Skovsgaard


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