At the Ghassan Eye Clinic in Aalborg, Ghassan Mohammad and his staff quickly has become very fond of the new way of handling and transporting patients. According to ophthalmologist, Ghassan Mohammad, the chair helps the team in carrying out the many different examinations every single day. In particular, the chair makes it easy to handle patients who use a walking aid or needs help when getting up or sitting down several times in a row. Now patients who have a walking impairment are immediately offered a seat in the VELA ‘Move+’ Ophthalmology chair.

Ghassan Farik Mohammad says about the VELA 'Move+' Ophthalmology chair:

The chair’s wheels and push bar make patient transport between the various examination devices faster, safer and more comfortable

The chair’s brake and design make patient positioning both easier and more convenient for patient and staff

The combination of the chair’s brake and electric height adjustment contributes positively to a more stable sitting patient – and thus a better qualitative image

The chair has a positive impact on the staff’s ergonomics – also when examining more physical challenged patients


Clinic: Ghassan Eye Clinic

Place: Aalborg, Denmark

Reference: Ophthalmologist, Ghassan Farik Muhammad

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