Daily challenges for the ophthalmologist:

Ophthalmologists often experience pain in the neck, upper back and shoulders due to static seating positions and demanding precision work during surgery.

It is often difficult to get close to the patient during surgery without compromising ergonomics and a good sitting position.

Backrests are often wide and may restrict the free movement of the arms during surgery.

What the ophthalmologist says about VELA Samba 420

I prefer to sit upright with my back straight and feet flat on the floor to ensure a stable working position. My Samba 400 allows me to get close to the patient, so I do not have to bend or stretch my neck unnecessarily during surgery.

The seat is comfortable, and it invites you to sit in an upright position. The saddle shape prevents me from sliding down, even when I’m sitting on the chair in a high position. I like the narrow back of the chair as it does not get in my way when I move around.

The foot-operated height adjustment is easy to use and allows for changing the work height relative to whether the focus is on the patient, a microscope or somewhere else.


Place: Clinic for Eyelid Surgery in Vejle, Denmark

Ophthalmologist : Kirsten Bjerre

Om: Clinic for Eyelid Surgery in Vejle, Denmark, is a private clinic owned by Ophthalmologist Kirsten Bjerre who specialises in eyelid surgery. The clinic performs various types of surgery on the eyelids and around the eyes, including cosmetic operations and operations to alleviate eyelid disorders and diseases.

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