Daily challenges for the assisting nurse:

During surgery, it is often difficult to get close to the patient without compromising ergonomics and maintaining a good sitting position.

When you assist during surgery, you sit in different work positions, for example when you are assisting with surgical tools or operate the microscope. A good chair must be able to support the different seating positions.

What the nurse says about VELA Samba 400

During surgery, I move around between several different instruments and locations. I need to be close to the microscope and ready to assist the eye doctor while also being close to the patient. The smooth-running wheels and the easy rotation make this possible without causing any unnecessary twisting in my back or shoulders.

My VELA Samba 400 provides a good working position and allows me to easily change the work height due to the foot-operated height adjustment.

During surgery, I switch a lot between sitting and standing. The small size of the chair means that it is not in the way when I’m not using it.


Place: Clinic for Eyelid Surgery in Vejle, Denmark

Nurse: Anne-Mette Bjerre Ruggaard

About: Clinic for Eyelid Surgery in Vejle, Denmark, is a private clinic owned by Ophthalmologist Kirsten Bjerre who specialises in eyelid surgery. The clinic performs various types of surgery on the eyelids and around the eyes, including cosmetic operations and operations to alleviate eyelid disorders and diseases.

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