With the trend of safe, seated mammography gaining traction in the United States and Europe, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County (MHSC) reports significant benefits from using the VELA Mammography Chair. These benefits extend to both patients and mammographers, resulting in improved breast imaging and increased patient comfort.

The VELA Mammography Chair helps achieve clearer imaging by providing a stable platform that minimises patient movement. It features lockable wheels and electric height adjustment to better position patients for mammography, avoiding “challenging positions” for the mammographer.

We had some patients who were unsteady on their feet, so we got the mammography chair several months ago and it has been a lifesaver.

Although falls during standing mammography are rare, patients who are anxious, nervous, cannot relax, and tense up may be prone to falling. And I would rather have them in my mammo chair before that happens.

Just to see the effects it has had on our patients, when they look at the mammography chair, they know that we made an investment in them, that they matter to us.


Reference: Tracie Soller, MHSC Director of Imaging, and Tia Agent, Radiology Director

Place: Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County, Wyoming, USA

About: The implementation of the VELA Mammography Chair at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County has led to notable improvements in patient care and imaging quality

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