At The doctors, Sauers Plads (General practice), more than 30 blood samples are taken a day. And with many different patients in one day, good working postures, a flexible patient positioning and a quick and easy chair adjustment are required. That is why Kristina Burmølle Andersen, the clinic’s bioanalyst, is thrilled with the VELA ‘Advance’ Phlebotomy Chair.

Kristina highlights the following advantages of the VELA 'Advance' Phlebotomy Chair:

The chair requires very little space compared to other more fixed installations, which is essential for the clinic’s smaller examination room.

The chair’s shape and design enable the sampler to get close to the patient. This is positive for an ergonomic working position because you can bend your elbows and lower your shoulders while you work.

A crucial function of the chair is the adjustment options in the armrest. The armrest can be adjusted to the desired position and stays in that position. It can easily be readjusted, which is essential for smooth patient handling with so many patients in one day.

The rotation is a valuable function when the sampler is sitting in front of the patient and needs to change the patient’s position to quickly and safely perform a sample in the other arm.

The patient can quickly get in and out of the chair because the frame is not an obstacle for getting in and out.


Clinic: General practice at Sauers Plads

Place: Aalborg, Denmark

Reference: Bioanalyst, Kristina Burmølle Andersen


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