The EPI-Zentrum Hamburg is an outpatient physiotherapy practice specialising in orthopaedics and sports medicine, making it a popular place for all types of athletes, including professionals from clubs such as HSV and FC St. Pauli.
Knowledge about ergonomics is central to the treatment of patients. Nevertheless, when they are busy, it can be difficult for the physiotherapists to make sure they also think about ergonomics in relation to their own working environment.

What the therapist says about VELA Samba 420

In the other chairs, you sit in a more fixed position. With the VELA Samba 420 you get a straight and good working position.

For other tasks, I like the VELA Samba 400 with its slightly stiffer seat. To me it’s super and I don’t need any backrest. Sometimes it requires a little more instruction and adjustment of the chair in order for you to sit well. Our own therapists must “learn” to remember to adjust the chair. Sometimes, when I sit down in the chair, I’m thinking: ooh, this is nice.

The stool has load dependent brakes on the wheels that lock when you sit down, and the chair really does not move an inch! That took a bit of getting used to – but it’s better the chair remains fixed than not being able to stay in place.

The foot-operated height adjustment works really well, and it benefits me during a lot of my treatments.


Place: EPI-Zentrum für Physiotherapie, Hamburg

Therapist: Stefan & Finja


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