The EPI-Zentrum Hamburg is an outpatient physiotherapy practice specialising in orthopaedics and sports medicine, making it a popular place for all types of athletes, including professionals from clubs such as HSV and FC St. Pauli.
EPI-Zentrum offers a wide range of individual treatments, such as manual therapy, sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Patients come with diagnoses, pain and symptoms in the neck, back, knees and other places, requiring therapists to work in various positions.

What the therapist says about VELA Samba 410

I’m trying to figure out how to best sit and get up. It depends entirely on the treatment. So, when I have a back patient, I’m mostly sitting, but all treatments below the shoulder I do standing up.

I have used the stools during treatments—my favourites are these two: VELA Samba 420 and VELA Samba 410. I usually prefer VELA Samba 410 as it is softer and very comfortable for me to sit on, and it ensures a good position in relation to the pelvis.

The stool has sluggish wheels and I really like those because you are more stable. In other cases, the chair would often roll away when I got up to fetch something. But with these wheels, it was pretty good.

Some treatments are best done sitting, e.g. treatment of arms, elbows and hands. I sit next to the table and move while I’m sitting on the chair—that’s pretty good.

The VELA Samba 410 seat is really like the gymnastics ball. It can be recommended to everyone. You never sit completely still or in a rest position on a ball. You can move around a lot, and it is easier to turn and rotate.

The VELA Samba 410 seat is soft—it’s simply the one that is most comfortable for me. My colleague also says that she prefers this seat because it alleviates pressure to the sit bones.


Place: EPI-Zentrum für Physiotherapie, Hamburg

Therapist: Stefan & Finja


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