Nottingham City Hospital’s intention with the VELA Mammography Chair was to ease work for the staff of low height with the examination of patients, but the chair quickly became popular with other staff too. And the patients prefer this “new” way of screening.

Daily challenges in a mammography department:

Moving the patient to the machine for examination

Positioning the patient precisely to obtain an accurate image of the breast tissue

Keeping the patient steady while the mammography is being performed

Ensuring an ergonomic working position for staff to prevent musculoskeletal pain

A VELA Mammography Chair helps to keep the patient steady during the examination, while also providing an optimal working position for staff.

What the radiographer says about the VELA Mammography Chair

“The chair is easy to use and helps us get patients right up close to the screening machine. The chair was intended for shorter staff to use with patients but quickly became popular with other staff.

“Patients prefer this ‘new’ way of screening too. Previously, they had to stand up or use the wheelchair if they couldn’t remain completely still. The wheelchair would be a last resort because patients, disabled or otherwise, don’t like the stigma and clinical aspect of a wheelchair.

“It’s so easy to manoeuvre the VELA chair, even with larger clients. While the patient is seated, we can make small adjustments to find the best screening position, which has reduced the stress and discomfort felt in our shoulders. The handlebar and wheels make the chair easier to manoeuvre than a wheelchair or office style chair.

“The armrests can be lowered to seat level, making it easy to transfer patients from their wheelchair. And if they need to be moved to another room or department, we don’t need to transfer them back into their own chair.

“When patients are seated at 90 degrees, it closes the abdomen and makes screening difficult. But with the VELA chair, the seat can be tilted to open the hip/abdomen angle. The armrests help patients feel safe and confident.

“The patient chair’s height adjustment is such a positive feature because whatever the height of staff and patients, the chair can be positioned to make the screening comfortable for everyone. The armrest control means we can stand beside the patient, which helps to reassure nervous or infirm clients.


Place: Nottingham City Hospital

Department: Mammography

Reference: Lead Mammographer, Leanne Calderwood


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