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VELA Medical chairs optimise your patient flow. They reduce the staff’s physical stress. And they make it easier for you to do your job. Find the perfect chair for your department. We offer an extensive range of specialised patient chairs.

VELA patient chair with arms optimises patient flow

A VELA hospital chair for patients has two main purposes: It optimises your patient flow and it makes it easier for you to do your job. Let’s look at the first part:

The VELA patient chair is easy to adjust to obtain the right position for you to work with the patient in a matter of seconds. With electric lift and easy-to-reach handles, you can adjust the seat angle, backrest position and seat height to your preferences.

Another benefit is the armrests: If a patient feels insecure when being examined, it can be difficult for them to relax. This can influence the examination results, and worst case, the examination has to be performed again. The hospital chair’s armrests secure a safe and stable patient:

  • When the patient sits down
  • When finding the optimum examination position
  • When the patient has to sit still during the examination
  • When the patient gets up from the chair after the examination is completed.

Patient lift chair for hospitals

Now to the second part: A VELA hospital chair makes your job easier.

One of the most popular benefits of a VELA patient chair with lift is the accurate adjustment of the height and position of the chair – with or without a patient sitting in it. In contrast to other patient chairs, you can adjust the patient’s position much more precisely without any effort from the patient.

A hand control box easily adjusts the electric lift. The buttons are clearly marked, so you instantly know which one to push. The brake is easily accessible from all sides of the chair’s base: use your foot to lock or unlock the wheels for your and your patient’s safety.

So whether you work in an ophthalmology clinic, mammography department or yet another medical field, you can easily adjust the chair to fit your needs, and you will have the best conditions for performing the examinations optimally.

Offer patients comfort and stability with a hospital chair

An extra benefit of a VELA hospital chair is that it makes your patients feel safe and comfortable every time they visit your clinic. You can increase patient satisfaction in growing expectations of the healthcare experience. Especially elderly and disabled patients will notice the difference between a traditional patient chair and a VELA patient chair, which can help them to their feet and support them properly and comfortably while seated.

Ideal patient chair for any exam room

A VELA patient chair is the favourite choice for various examination rooms. In an exam room with limited space, the patient chair will be easy to manoeuvre, and it can even be used as a patient consultation chair to reduce the amount of furniture in small clinics.

Even if you have a large room or multiple rooms to examine your patients, you won’t regret choosing a VELA patient chair. It is an ideal chair if you perform more than one type of examination or if you examine at different devices. Once you have seated your patient in our patient chair with electric lift and wheels, you can easily move the patient from one exam room to another. Thus avoiding one of the risk factors for musculoskeletal diseases.

Overall, the patient exam room chair offers multiple benefits for both patients and staff in ways that improve efficiency and comfort. In addition, it reduces physical stress on staff and helps to support the patients and makes it easy to transport them, e.g. between devices. It will make a great difference for your patient flow and your patients’ experience if you use a VELA patient chair.

Optimal hygiene – every time

When designing the VELA Medical patient chairs, it is essential to meet the stringent requirements in the healthcare sector regarding hygiene and cleaning

The chair has an easy-to-clean surface – even on the underside of the seat. It also has smooth rubber bands along the edges of the seat and backrest to ensure that there is no recess where dirt and bacteria might gather.

For optimal hygiene, all parts of the chair can be cleaned with alcohol or chlorine solutions. Simply wipe the chair and let it air dry before resuming use. This reduces time spent cleaning between patients, thus optimising the workflow for staff.

Better working conditions for clinic and hospital staff

You can also benefit from a patient lift chair when examining disabled patients or elderly who have trouble standing up or moving around by themselves.

The VELA patient chair is also useful when dealing with patients using a wheelchair. We suggest to seat them in a VELA patient chair with wheels at the beginning of the examination. Then you can use the chair to taxi them from the waiting area to your various exam rooms. Once you have placed the patient at the exam device, apply the brake to ensure the chair stays in place and the patient remains still.

Use hospital chairs for patients to spare your staff from, e.g. straining their backs. The chairs support patients sitting down or standing up – without it being a physically stressful task for your staff. You will do your staff a favour by providing patient chairs with wheels and an electric lift for patient transfers between exam rooms or to and from the waiting room.

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