Surgical chairs for robotic, laparoscopic and microsurgery

A surgical chair is specifically designed with the surgeon in mind: All parts of the chair are made to support the surgeon when performing an operation from a seated position. This is relevant in, for example, dental care and ophthalmology, where it is of utmost importance that the surgeon has steady hands and precise movements.

However, this is not an ophthalmic or dental surgical chair alone; other fields of surgery can also benefit from a comfortable surgery chair. Any surgeon working from a seated position – whether it is at a microscope, through a robot or directly at the patient – should require a chair that supports a good working posture.

The surgery chairs from VELA Medical offer exactly this – and more.

Beware that the chairs described here are for the medical staff. If you were looking for patient chairs, go to this page.

Patient chairs

Why is a good surgical chair important?

64 % of urologists reported in a study of work-related ergonomics, that they experience musculoskeletal pain. And the most frequent areas of pain are the neck, back and shoulders, according to an evaluation by Gabrielsen et al. (2021). Since urologists are trained in nearly all types of seated operation including laparoscopic, robotic-assisted, microscopic and endoscopic surgery, one could assume that these issues apply to seated surgery regardless of the medical speciality.

With a proper operating chair developed with your profession and tasks in mind, you will experience a thought-through sitting experience.

When the chair supports your body in a way, so it feels like a natural extension, you will have more capacity to focus on the task at hand. Imagine a chair that keeps nagging you at certain places no matter how you sit. This will annoy you and withhold you from 100 % concentration. Inevitably this will affect the result of your work.

With a chair that can adjust to your body’s size and shape, you will have better prerequisites to perform an excellent job. So if you’re already doing good, prepare to do even better!

How to improve sitting posture in a robotic surgery room

Many surgeons do not adjust their ergonomic sitting position regularly. Are you one of them? A good chair means nothing if you do not adopt a proper habit of correcting your sitting posture.

According to Lux et al.’s Ergonomic Evaluation and Guidelines for Use of the daVinci Robot System from 2010, positioning the shoulders at the correct angle to the biceps is the most frequently neglected part of a proper sitting position. To avoid this pitfall, choose a chair with armrests to support your forearms. Adjust the armrest so that your shoulder and biceps form a 90° angle and you can relax your arms.

What makes surgical chairs from VELA Medical special?

Stay hygienic throughout the operation: with the electric foot-operated controls, you can maintain a sterile environment around your hands and still readjust your seat or position. This makes it possible to have or adjust the exact position you wish for during the operation since you can help yourself without compromising sterility.

With a VELA Medical Chair for surgery, you will experience what it means to be supported in one’s sitting posture. It is always important to maintain a balanced midline throughout the body. These chairs make that task easier: the ergonomic seat and backrest enable you to adjust the chair exactly to your body in order to support your body in the right way.

With one of these chairs, you have a steady base for your body, arms and hands so that you can concentrate on the patient and the operation. When you adjust the backrest to follow the curve of your back and support your lumbar area, you will experience the freedom to stretch while still getting the support you need when you get tired at the end of one of those long sessions.

This is only possible thanks to unique highlights such as a patented lumbar support system in the back-rest, electric foot-operated central brake and height adjustment.

It is not only the surgeon who can benefit from the ergonomic seating option. Other medical staff in the surgery room and other workplaces in the clinic would appreciate the comfort of stools and standing aids. Complete your clinic’s ergonomy by offering a VELA Medical product with good seating comfort to all members of staff.

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