VELA Treatment Chair

Item no. 87213

A chair that provides optimal conditions for quick mobilisation of outpatients and day surgery patients and improves the work environment for health staff.

  • The patient can easily change the chair's settings via hand control by themselves – without help from the staff
  • Improving the staff's work environment, as the chair height is electrically adjusted, and staff can work both sitting or standing without compromising their working position.
  • The chair's design creates a more homely environment that supports the upward patient and contributes to faster discharge.
  • The electric exit-function helps the patient get up and sit down gently without calling the staff.
  • The chair gives optimal patient comfort over many hours. The seating unit has the same seating position technology as an electric wheelchair, where the user sits all day comfortably.
  • It is easy to move the chair around the department without needing assistance, as it has wheels and is easy to handle.
  • A central brake ensures safety and stability when getting up and sitting down.

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