Ergonomic operating chair

Item no. 70041

The VELA 'Support+' Surgeon’s Chair improves the surgeon's preconditions for a good ergonomic working posture during continuous precision work. The operating chair's design supports the surgeon's working posture and makes it easy to change position and height via foot-operated electrical functions.

  • Obtain an optimal ergonomic working position whether you want free movement without armrests or with full forearm support from the multi-adjustable armrests to relieve back, shoulders and neck 
  • Optimise your height to fit the unit's height while you operate. The electric foot control is easy to use, contributing to a sterile working environment during surgery 
  • Get extra close to the unit still with plenty of room for your feet. The chair's unique design ensures you can get close - even when using the armrests 
  • Get the proper working position by the unit and adjust it without compromising a sterile working environment, as the chair has smooth-running wheels and a unique electric central brake that is easy to operate by foot
  • Achieve a good posture with free arm- and shoulder movement while getting optimal support in both the lower back and pelvis from the unique, patented ALB backrest. 

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