VELA Samba 150

Item no. 80143

VELA Samba 150 was developed in cooperation with the Danish dentist Herluf Skovsgaard. The chair is ergonomic and comfortable and has a unique, short seat with a rounded and heavily padded front.

  • Special short seat with seat tilt makes it easy for personnel to work close to the patient
  • Seat is built up with different types of foam that improve stability when the seat is tilted forward
  • Rounded front of the seat helps blood circulation in your legs – even if you are sitting in the chair for a long time
  • Optimum support of your back by means of a narrow, ergonomically curved back rest
  • Design of the back rest allows that your arms, shoulders, neck and head can move freely
  • Back rest can be adjusted in height as well as back and forth
  • Seat tilting provides an open hip angle and means you can work in an active, straight posture that contributes to a healthy back
  • Seat height can be controlled by hand or foot

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