VELA Paediatrics Chair

Item no. 87212

The VELA Paediatrics chair provides the ideal setting for allowing proximity between the child who needs treatment and care and the parents who want to support their child through the ordeal.

  • Parents can change their seating position while holding the child, or lie down in the chair while the child is in the bed. Variable settings, such as the ability to adjust the backrest and footrest whilst sitting in the chair, allow freedom of movement
  • Staff can obtain a good work position using the electric height adjustment
  • Parents can sit down and stand up while holding their child without having to call the staff for assistance
  • Optimised nursing support can be provided by adjusting the armrests to the right height
  • The chair can easily be moved around the ward as needed
  • Parents can safely stand up or sit down because the central brake ensures that the chair is stable

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