VELA Dental Chair

Item no. 80143

Supports and improves staff working postures when working in forward-leaning, static and strenuous positions. The chair was designed in collaboration with dentist Herluf Skovsgaard, published author and expert on working methods and workplace design in dental clinics.

  • Unique seat relieves pressure on the seat bones and increases comfort by using different types of foam in the construction, such as a pressure relieving zone in the centre of the seat
  • Chair design promotes a healthy back in a forward-facing sitting position by maintaining the natural curve in the lower back and stabilising the load on spinal cartilage discs
  • Rounded front edge to the seat provides good blood circulation to the legs, so long periods of sitting in the same position is no longer a problem
  • Free movement for neck, shoulders and arms is provided by the narrow, ergonomic backrest
  • Clinic staff can work very close to the patient because of the extra short seat with a tilt

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