Surgeon Chair for clinics and hospitals

Item no. 70037

The VELA' Basic' Surgeon's Chair with multi-adjustable armrests optimised to work by a microscope. The chair is easy to adjust to support the individual's needs while providing optimum conditions for a good ergonomic working position, for example, in endodontics.

  • The multi-adjustable armrests support and help keep arms and hands stable while relieving the back, shoulders and neck.
  • The chair has the option of another type of ergonomic backrest, which provides good support in the lower back and free movement of the arms and shoulders. See more under options and find out what suits you best.
  • A compact and flexible chair with a specially designed base that provides ample space for feet as well as for the foot control of the microscope and unit, which means that you can get extra close to the patient.
  • A unique central brake makes it easy for the surgeon or assistant to lock the chair's wheel from all angles via foot control.
  • The chair can easily be used in multiple rooms and moved away when cleaning due to smooth-running wheels.

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