VELA ‘Advance +’ Sampling Chair

Item no. 80113

This chair provides optimal conditions for fast and accurate sampling on a workday with high patient flow. The patient can easily be raised or lowered via the electric height adjustment to provide the optimal working position.

  • Patient can be optimally positioned using electric height adjustment. Height is easy to adjust while the patient is sitting in the chair, so staff can find the best position whether they perform sampling standing or sitting
  • Patient's arm is optimally supported by multi-adjustable armrests to provide the best conditions for effective sampling
  • Chair design has plenty of room for the patient’s feet, making it easy, fast and safe to sit down and get up
  • Chair can be easily moved for cleaning as wheels can be locked and unlocked with the foot
  • Sturdy chair and armrests, suitable for heavy patients and constant changes to settings

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