VELA ‘Advance’ Phlebotomy Chair

Item no. 70038

A manually adjustable sampling chair with robust multi-adjustable armrests provides optimal conditions for quick and precise sampling in a high and diverse patient flow. Suitable for the needs of both larger hospitals and general medical practice.

  • Multi-adjustable armrests ensure that the patient's arm is optimally supported to provide the best conditions for a precise sampling.
  • The chair makes it easy, quick and safe for the patient to get up and sit down, as there is plenty of room for the feet.
  • The chair is robust and sturdy, built to withstand a high level of patient flow.
  • The chair can easily be moved away while cleaning, as it has easy-running wheels, which work well on all floor types, as well as a central wheel brake that can be locked/unlocked with the foot.
  • Very robust armrests, designed to withstand heavy loads and many changes of settings.

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