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VELA is headquartered in Aalborg and has its own development department, production facilities and an upholstery workshop.

Over the years, VELA Medical has become specialised in developing chairs and stools tailored to the specific needs of healthcare departments, patients and medical personnel alike.

All chairs comply with the strict requirements of the healthcare sector, and therefore VELA Medical products can be found in hospitals, specialist doctors, general practitioners, health clinics and laboratories.

Chairs with care and precision

At VELA Medical, we focus on optimising safety, functionality and ergonomics in collaboration with healthcare professionals. We know that chairs are exposed to severe wear and tear for many hours a day, so we use sturdy mechanical parts and extra durable surface materials to keep our chairs clean and functional for many years to come. Down to the smallest stitch, all chairs are designed to support the stringent hygiene and disinfecting criteria in the healthcare sector.

All chairs are CE marked and produced in Aalborg, Denmark.

VELA values


Space for all :: Respect :: Transparency :: Responsiveness :: Flexibility :: Development :: Making a difference :: Acceptance

Strength to grow

Profitability :: In growth :: Market leader :: Up to date :: Personal development :: Competitive :: Committed employees :: Internationally renowned :: Freedom with responsibility :: Innovation :: Short lines of command :: Influence


Room for wellbeing :: Customer focus :: Helpfulness :: Having everyone onboard :: Freedom with responsibility :: Teamwork :: Be able to say yes and no :: Planning :: Job rotation :: profitability :: Making a difference :: Safety


A word is a word :: Market leader :: VELA=quality :: Counseling :: Respect :: Quality before quantity :: Value for money :: Service and helpfulness :: Delivery Guarantee :: Internationally renowned :: Open management style

Experience since 1935

Vermund Larsen A/S is a Danish family-owned company founded in 1935 by manufacturer Vermund Larsen. VELA has been manufacturing chairs and other equipment for the healthcare industry since the 1950s and has built up solid experience over the years.

The first pieces of furniture sold to clinics were ordinary office chairs and stools, but VELA chairs soon became assets during examinations and treatments.

Feedback from various clinics using VELA chairs combined with many years of collaboration with several Danish hospitals provided the resources to set up VELA Medical in 2012 to focus on the healthcare sector. VELA Medical produce optimal seating solutions for selected specialist areas to improve staff efficiency and the working environment.

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Vermund Larsen A/S (VELA) was founded in Holbergsgade, Aalborg, by Vermund Larsen. VELA is a portmanteau of the two first letters of the founder’s respective first and last name; VErmund and LArsen.


Production is converted to include the production of chairs.



In collaboration with Danish anaesthesiologists, Vermund Larsen designs and creates the new Falck stretcher.


As the first manufacturer in the world, Vermund Larsen makes use of gas cartridges for chair height adjustment.



50% of all sales go to export markets, such as the United States, France, Germany, Austria, Norway and Sweden.


VELA Samba 410 is developed by designer Sofie Hemmert. VELA Samba 410 is a unique stool built according to the principles of the Pilates Ball. The user gets the stability and safe seating of the stool, while the unique seat cushion activates and trains the muscles in the stomach, back and lumbar area.



Dentist Herluf Skovsgaard develops VELA Samba 150 in collaboration with VELA. The focus is on a better working environment and good ergonomics at dental clinics for dentists and assistants.


VELA Jive is introduced with a unique new construction of the chair base. VELA Jive is designed to support the therapist’s seating position and provide a better working environment for the user. The chair base has five legs that are asymmetrical, so there is plenty of room for the feet without a chair leg in the way.



As the basis for a PhD project, a partnership is established between Kolding Hospital Neonatal Department and VELA. The project goal is to create a treatment chair that contributes to an increased sense of togetherness between parents and premature babies.

The first prototypes of these treatment chairs were developed in 2016–2017 to be shipped to selected hospitals throughout Denmark for a series of systematic tests in a randomised controlled trial (RCT). The process of evaluation is carried out in collaboration with staff and new parents whose children have been admitted to the neonatal departments where the chairs are being tested.


VELA Factline is certified. This means that VELA (and our suppliers) live up to the UN Global Compact ethical guidelines pertaining to human rights, labour, the environment, and corruption.



VELA is certified in Quality Management (ISO-9001) and Environmental Management (ISO-14001).


VELA Neonatal Chair and VELA Paediatric Chair are launched.
The chairs are being tested in various departments with the aim of implementing their use during other healthcare stages, such as sampling, dialysis, and outpatient treatments.



VELA launches a new series of patient and surgical chairs that can facilitate the healthcare staff’s handling of patients efficiently and safely. The chairs can improve the health personnel’s working environment and support the individual departments’ work functions and processes.


VELA is certified as a Great Place to Work (GPTW) workplace. To achieve GPTW certification, an impartial employee survey must provide a score of 70% or higher – VELA is certified with a satisfaction score of 92%.


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